MA in Literature, Landscape & Environment

About this course

How does literature debate and reflect humanity’s relationship with ‘Nature’? What makes ‘the country’, ‘the wilderness’ or ‘the city’ what it is? How does literature respond to environmental destruction? Is it influenced by modern environmental movements?

The MA in Literature, Landscape and Environment examines how literature reflects and shapes the way in which we see the landscape and the environment and it gives you the opportunity to study the kind of analyses that are becoming increasingly important to the direction of modern English literary studies. The MA is particularly suited for students interested in further study or for those looking for careers in the rapidly expanding green industry.

The MA is taught by Bath Spa staff who are internationally recognised for their research in this field. In addition, we are located in a World Heritage site at the centre of a region rich with literary connections and with some of the finest landscapes in the country.

You will be taught at our Corsham Court Campus, an eighteenth-century country house currently owned by the Methuen family and Bath Spa University’s postgraduate centre with its own dedicated library. The programme – which is available full time or part time – aims to provide you with an excitingly wide range of issues and approaches in relation to the representations of various kinds of landscapes and environments. It will present:

  • a wide variety of topics
  • a balance between literature pre- and post-1900
  • a range of methodologies and approaches

Although its main focus is literary, there will be opportunities for fieldwork, engaging with existing landscapes and environments (for example, an eighteenth-century country estate; London; the Eden Project; Quantock Hills; Hardy country).