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Bringing together the environment, digital technology and site-specific poetry

Poetry Pin is a project we’re hoping to get students on the MA involved with in the near future. It’s a project that – to begin with  – aims to record the changing Somerset coastal landscape around the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station development. IMG_7646 C jelley Poetry PinIt revolves around monthly focus walks. But the exciting aspect of this record is that it goes beyong the haptic experience of walking by utilising geo-location software on our mobile devices to bring to life the site-specific experience of that landscape. Users of Poetry Pin are able to create and upload their poetry, but that poetry can only be read or experienced while you are within that location. Samantha Walton – our MA’s specialist in contemporary and experimental poetry, is especially excited by this combination of environment, digital technology, and site-specific poetry!

05. November 2014 by s.gregg
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  1. Really looking forward to you coming on the trail. The poetry is accessible along the trail 24/7 and submissions are open all the time too. The monthly focus walks are a call to action and a place where we ref Al to those who don’t have the technology themselves.

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