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Composting Culture: ASLE UKI conference

‘Composting Culture: Literature, Nature, Popular Culture, Science’ will be the 8th biennial conference of ASLE-UKI, the UK-Ireland branch of the Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment. It is hosted by the University of Worcester, and supported by the University’s Institute of Humanities and Creative Arts and will take place 5th to 7th September, 2012

Recent work in ecocriticism largely recognises the complexity of ecological science and philosophy and its social and political dimensions. Consequently, with regard to its objects of study, ecocriticism might increasingly be characterised as a multidisciplinary act of ecological intervention. ‘Composting’ has been conceptualised by Jed Rasula as a process where ‘interanimating tendencies’ converge into the possible emergence ‘of newness, of the unpredicted’: this ‘nutritive sensibility’ has recently traversed cultural theory and practice.

There will be, at the conference, approximately 80 papers, on a diversity of topics. These will include papers or sessions on: animals, biosemiotics, capitalism, carbon, composting, dirt, ecopoetry, gardens, land and landscape, posthumanism, recycling, ruins, translation, science fiction, waste, and the future of ecocriticism.

For more details of the conference see the page on the University of Worcester’s site: Composting Culture.

24. August 2012 by s.gregg
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