MA in Literature, Landscape & Environment

The microscopic eye of John Clare

PO551, Vigo, Galicia, España

‘Clock a clay’

“John Clare liked to get his head down in the grass – ‘close to nature’ in every way”. So argues one of our tutors on the MA, Dr Sue Edney, in a fascinating post for the Wordsworth Trust’s blog on the poet John Clare (1793–1864). Her piece focuses on his poems ‘Clock a Clay’ and ‘The Yellowhammer’s Nest’, but also draws in Hooke, Addison, and Wordsworth (for more on Clare, go to their society’s website).

Sue teaches Clare alongside Wordsworth, Coleridge, Austen, and working-class poet Robert Bloomfield, on The Country and the City module on our MA.

14. July 2014 by s.gregg
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